Couples Intentional Orgasm Session

“Sexuality is one of the ways that we become enlightened, actually, because it leads us to self-knowledge.”


I offer individualized couples healing sessions. We start with a discussion of your intention for the healing session – something you are ready to let go of in your relationship, and something you want to bring in to strengthen and improve the quality of your relationship. This is similar to what is described on the Intentional Orgasm page and can be catered to your individual needs. We will pull oracle cards, do breathing exercises to open and balance your chakras, and use essential oils to help you release old programming and habits. I will do a powerful aura cleanse, guided mediation to help you relase energy that is not yours and call back your correct energetic operating system, as well as an etheric cap removal and DNA activation on each of you in order to open your body and energy fields to as much light as possible [See home page for a more detailed description of these procedures]. This will involve the use of essential oils, crystals, and sound therapy to add to the experience. I then either teach you the full body sensual tantric massage techniques by you giving it to each other while I support you each with as much touch as you are comfortable with, as well as hands on energy clearing and balancing, essential oils, and supporting your intentions.

The couples healing session lasts a minimum of 4-5 hours and requires a $777.77 deposit.

I am based out of Denver, Colorado. Contact me via text or email to schedule. Email: [email protected]. Text: 303-204-7309.

Recent couple session testimonial:

“My girlfriend and I were looking for a deeper spiritual and intimate connection when we came across Amy and her meditation and energy healing sessions. We were interested specifically in the Couples Sexual energy healing offering. When we first arrived, we were greeted by a kind and caring soul who was very professional and knowledgeable and made us feel instantly at ease. She asked us what our intentions were and what we wanted to achieve. She helped us to focus our thoughts and reveal our true wants and desires. Her process in overcoming our inhibitions and letting go of negative and confining energy was amazing! Her ability to help channel our sexual energy and experience true physical and emotional release was incredible! We will definitely be scheduling another session soon and highly recommend her services to any couple who is interested in exploring and strengthening their own spiritual and physical bond.” L&M

Contact Amy at: [email protected] or 303-204-7309 (text only – no calls) with any questions or to schedule your session.