Yoni Whispering is an advanced cunnilingus practice for women that utilizes her unique orgasmic capacity and potential to heal and transform and awaken each woman to her true self. This practice was created and developed by Amy McBain and Alex Furman, and we will be teaching it together in group workshops, as well as individually to women wanting to receive from Alex, to men wanting to learn and practice on Amy, and couples/groups who want to learn and practice together.
“There is a voice that does not use words. Listen.” – Rumi
“Don’t you think it would be some small advantage for a soul spread out everywhere to know this truth, to know that she does not need to go up to heaven to talk with her Eternal Father and experience all delight by his side, that she doesn’t even have to raise her voice to speak to him? However quietly she murmurs, he will hear it, he is so close to her…. If I understood as I do now how so great a King lives in this small palace of my soul, it seems to me I wouldn’t have left it so often alone.” – Teresa of Avila “Way of Perfection”
– What is Yoni Whispering?
Yoni Whispering (YW) techniques focus on listening to the yoni to engage the entire yoni in the orgasmic process, thereby activating your powerful Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) that controls dopamine production, and therefore much of what you experience in your life. Stimulating the ANS through orgasms is somewhat like magic.
Our yonis are special and complex – able to produce amazingly intense neurological effects throughout our body. These effects can be triggered by orgasm and they are unsurprisingly tied to our yonis: these orgasms are our birthright as women, but they have been disassociated from us by incorrect anatomy lessons and cultural shaming of a woman’s immense sexual capacity.
Our yonis have clitoral erectile tissue throughout her, and thus, most of our yonis change their sensitivity immensely throughout our arousal cycles. An attentive YW partner will focus on listening to these changes during a YW session, creating a direct line of communication with your yoni and thereby allowing the yoni whispering session to extend into a journey through repeated orgasms and arousal cycles.
The amazing results of a YW practice come from unwinding this cultural programming, re-centering your true capacity for pleasure, and establishing a regular pleasurable release of energy through your ANS along with consistent releases of dopamine. Often the results of YW include increased confidence, motivation, focus, and an overall sense of well-being. You may notice more peaceful interconnectedness of all things, in all areas of your life. From this new paradigm of experiencing the world, the prior orgasmic experience may seem flattened without the activation of your ANS. When you don’t have orgasms that activate your ANS, you may feel empty or depressed, as the lack of pleasure will spread to other areas of your life: you may no longer feel “yourself” without the profound experiences all available through YW techniques. Once you learn to access the potential of YW, you will learn to receive more pleasure than you thought possible, and will feel empowered to ask for more.
– What is required for Yoni Whispering?
All that is required for a Yoni Whispering (YW) session is your yoni, a partner and willingness in both of you to actively listen to your yoni. YW requires a partner so that you can take advantage of a mindstate we describe as “a passenger mentality” during activation of your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) in a YW session. This mindstate allows you to be both an observer and an active participant with your yoni in your ANS-activated multiorgasmic session and the rewards are truly fantastic.
Because no one can do your personal work for you, there may be blockages to your sexual energy that you may need releasing that have been inherited from society, false programming, and painful belief systems. A personal Intentional Orgasm practice can free you of these blocks so you can open more fully to the journey available to you through partnered yoni whispering practice. Please see additional information on Intentional Orgasm at
– Why Do I Want Yoni Whispering in my life?
A powerful Yoni Whispering (YW) session with an attentive YW partner can support powerful insights and healing directly within you while you are wrapped in ecstatic pleasure. YW sessions can directly reconnect you to spiritual source energy and set up a rewarding self-care cycle by which you are rewarded for exploring your inner self with new insights, healing, and pleasure.
Through your YW practice of multiorgasmic sessions activating your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) you will gain a new personal access portal to source energy – the energy field that created all of us. All of our souls began their physical journey via an orgasm, via the direct sexual channel with this source energy. And in the moment of orgasm, you can be again reconnected to this source energy, especially when you enter a passenger mindstate through using YW techniques to engage all of your ANS. This is a clear portal to divine source energy, where anything is possible with unlimited potential.
With YW you can directly access your source energy and discover/heal blockages with a partner with unimaginable ease. To be clear, your YW partner is there to facilitate your connection but not to control it. Your YW partner will be listening to you and your yoni, listening so closely as if you or your yoni only needed to whisper to have your soul’s subtlest desires heard. The yoni is always whispering her wisdom to us – we just have to learn how to listen, and receive. Because your partner is not controlling you, but rather guiding/facilitating your spiritual journey, it will not be limited or filtered by your partner. Instead, you will be sourced directly with your own wisdom, recycling your own past blocked energy, and reintegrating it into yourself wrapped in pleasure and new intention.
You can literally bring any issue to the YW practice and have it be released instantly. The supportive ease and pleasure with which pain is released and recycled creates a feedback loop that will surprise you with what you can handle. Through combining surprising revelations with ecstatic pleasure not only are you reintegrating old stuck energy into yourself positively, you will also create a powerful self-care feedback loop for your own evolution.
– What can I Expect from a Yoni Whispering practice?
Through your first few multiorgasmic Yoni Whispering (YW) sessions with your partner you will begin to explore the wonderfully new communication channels both with your yoni, and through your yoni, to your source energy. Surprisingly, you may find during your first YW sessions that your yoni has communicated things directly to your partner and your partner has responded with exactly what your yoni wants without you consciously asking for it or even being aware yourself that your yoni wanted that. It’s surprising the first time it happens, but you will come to crave these direct communications that bypass your conscious mind because they serve to illuminate the new powers of perception and healing available to you.
During a YW session, partners focus on listening to how the clitoris responds in order to tailor our touch to continue their lover’s journey with her yoni. To be clear, this is a new channel of communication directly between our yoni and our partner – often the woman receiving yoni whispering is unaware of the communications to her partner. This is not surprising because during a YW session she is having her own communications with her yoni and her own psyche and source energy while she is being wrapped in a sea of pleasure. Other communication channels are still open between the woman and her partner – she can still talk to her partner, move, moan, etc. Through using all of these communication channels at once, we use the metaphor that a YW session is like a journey undertaken by the partners and her yoni, and that the journey is underwritten by the partners’ constant and freely-flowing communication.
With these direct communication channels to your yoni and to your source energy comes a new honesty. Because you have opened-up new communication channels, things will be brought to you from places beyond your purview, beyond your control. The blessing is that although these things seem beyond your control, they are not beyond your yoni’s control because she is in charge of your YW session and your YW session exists for your pleasure and evolution. This beautiful container exists only to support you.
Your yoni can be braver than you are in facing truth and source energy: she does not have the same fears that you do! She is always wise and kind and she will offer up only what you are ready to heal and will bring you the courage you need in the moment to embrace your insights. Her strengths are pure: she can ask for what she wants simply and without guilt. She knows what you need to release and what you need to call in, because she is directly connected to your source, to your soul. You can surrender to her: you can trust her completely. She cannot lie to you. You can trust her to allow you to bring your heaviest burdens, to bring more than you thought possible to be processed by your orgasm. You can trust her to allow you to have more pleasure and more orgasms than you ever thought possible.
It’s likely that our yonis were crated both to create our life and to process the entirety of our life, including reintegration and rebirth of all our energies. Through listening to the yoni while we engage her and our ANS fully in the orgasmic process, we can bring our most intimate issues and shadows to our yoni to be released from their present state and recycled into new positive energy. What if women are meant to use our infinitely potential orgasms to clear the negativity of the world? What if our unique connection to source energy via our complex ANS was meant to enable us to release all the negative bound-up energies permeating us, re-integrate this power into our new strengths, and manifest a rebirth of the energy into service for us?


  1. Yoni whispering focuses on the yoni’s pleasure 

The yoni, when properly listened to by both her owner and her partner, can guide both partners to amazing sexual and spiritual experiences. The yoni’s profound capacity for pleasure is the reason why we are practicing yoni whispering: through this practice we all listen to the woman’s yoni to decide what to do next and the yoni will guide us both to awesome new places. As described in later tenets, the yoni whispering practice will enrich both partners through focusing on the yoni’s pleasure. There is truth within the yoni from which both partners may benefit. This is a practice solely about bringing as much pleasure to the yoni as possible, without need for reciprocation, judgment, guilt, etc. Always come back to Tenet #1 – this practice is ALL about the Yoni.

  1. Listen for primary pleasure responses from her yoni and clitoris

Because we are focused on the yoni’s pleasure, we must listen to what pleases her and avoid the mental state of thinking about what we are doing. The yoni’s anatomy reveals that the clitoris is very large and intricately wound within her.  If a yoni wants pleasure at all, she will tell you both how she wants that pleasure, but only if both partners are willing to listen closely and patiently enough. The yoni‐owner must also want to receive pleasure and to listen to her own yoni.  As partners, we listen by inviting the yoni and clitoris to tell us what is pleasing through listening to the yoni‐owner’s primary responses to pleasure.  In response to teasing the yoni with a pleasurable touch, the YW partner may observe the yoni‐owner’s primary response that includes changes in breathing patterns, sounds of pleasure, movements into her partner and other cues that are likely already established between the partners to track pleasure and arousal as the yoni‐owner builds toward orgasm.  The skill of a YW partner in listening to the primary pleasure response is a crucial tool for building pleasure during YW sessions through repeated tease and observe cycles.

  1. Listen for secondary/subconscious pleasure responses 

While practicing yoni whispering, we listen via secondary and subconscious pleasure responses. The most important secondary/subconscious responses to pleasure and arousal are expressed in the erectile nature of the clitoris. Because the clitoris is so intricate and vast, these erectile responses can be widely varying. The erection of the internal clitoris may involve several different portions of the clitoris, and may indicate different desires for touching of each of these portions.  Listening to this secondary/subconscious response is one of the most important areas for listening during a YW session because it is a direct link to the yoni and allows an issue to bypass the yoni‐owner’s conscious mind.  Partners in yoni whispering listen to changes in the erection of the clitoris in order to sense where a yoni will feel sensitive to new strokes and pressures and where she may feel new pleasure.

  1. Stroke and hold her clitoris

At the fourth tenet, stroking and holding her clitoris meaningfully draws the distinction between stroking her clitoris with an intention to please her clitoris and stroking her clitoris to perform some predetermined sexual act or to replace the actions of a toy or body part. This tenet of stroke and hold describes how much pressure and friction is applied to the clitoris in response to listening to the clitoris and that will often call for something other than imitating a toy or a penis during intercourse. Instead, a stroke/hold combination of the internal clitoris may include gentle undulating swirls caressing in a pattern and a hold may include no movement apart from pulses of pressure. When YW partners are listening intently to their partner’s yoni, they will find that the clitoris will want many different types of touches including movements and pressures that could be combined into limitless combinations. As YW partners, remember to be creative and expressive in exploring these combinations through tease and observe cycles, and let your intuition about what you observe guide you to pleasing her yoni in ways you haven’t yet imagined.

  1. Build the yoni’s pleasure with matched rhythm

The stroke and hold patterns that please her yoni will include rhythms within the pattern, and the YW partner must match those rhythms to what the yoni wants in that moment.  Simply put, the yoni likes rhythm and likes to match rhythms of her pleasure with her partner’s touches and, with the right matching of rhythms, a combination can turn into magic. Any patterned movements and pressures in the stroke and hold pattern will be repeated with some rhythms and just like in music and dancing.  A yoni will most often desire a consistent rhythm in at least the major components of the touches in order to build to a substantial arousal or an orgasm. Because the clitoris is the same structure internally and externally, many yonis enjoy matching a rhythm between the internal clitoris and the external clitoris.

  1. Listen for when the yoni wants – resets and adlibs

A yoni’s response will often build pleasure and arousal toward an orgasm for the yoni‐owner, but her path toward orgasm is not for her partner to dictate. The partner’s task is not to dictate this path, but instead to follow the path by listening to her yoni and letting her yoni’s pleasure guide what the partner does next. By listening to her yoni closely as described in tenet 2 and 3, a partner can hear when the interest grows and fades in the present stroke/hold/rhythm for the yoni and yoni‐owner. Sometimes, a yoni’s initial interest in a stroke/hold/rhythm combination begins to fade and a portion of combination can be changed slightly to entice the yoni into a new form of pleasure. This slight shift is called an “adlib” in yoni whispering and they are extremely common to perform in practice.  An adlib is a milder version of what is called a “reset” in yoni whispering – a complete reset in the stroke/hold/rhythm that is pleasing the yoni and her owner. A reset occurs whenever a combination of touches/strokes is wholesale changed by the partner and a new combination is built by listening again to what pleases the yoni.

  1. Allow the yoni to speak her voice

Both partners are guided to ask this question of the yoni: can she enjoy any more pleasure? During a multi‐orgasmic yoni whispering session, this question will become crucial to the further continuation of the session. After an orgasm, and after a time of relaxation, the yoni may again enjoy another process of teasing and observing. By continually asking this question, and listening as described by the other tenets, the yoni and her owner may together reach a blissful state of asking her yoni whether she could enjoy yet another orgasm. Asking the question of the yoni whether she can receive more pleasure is a fundamental and crucial question of yoni whispering.  After a time of relaxation, the yoni may again enjoy another process of teasing and observing her pleasure: the key is both partners consciously asking the yoni what she might enjoy next. So start the tenets all over again and keep exploring.

This is an abbreviated version of the Yoni Whispering tenets and practice. If you want to receive the full manuscript, email Amy or Alex below.

Want to learn more about Yoni Whispering?
If you are a female and wanting to schedule a Yoni Whispering session with Alex, contact him at [email protected].
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If you are a couple, feel free to contact either of us to schedule a session.
Stay tuned as we are currently developing a group workshop in which to teach this practice, and are creating a community of practitioners and Yoni receivers that will meet monthly for “Brunch N Munch – Feed Her, Then Eat Her” practice groups!
We are also accepting invitations to present this practice to small private groups of interested parties. We can even come to you! We are excited to share this powerful new information with the world!