” Thank the stars for Amy! Amy has broken the code on addressing a taboo in our society that is in desperate need of healing. I am talking about breaking free and liberating ourselves from energetic, emotional, and social blocks to sexual freedom that most of us have carried around for our entire lives. This is such a huge issue and limitation to most of us enjoying ourselves and our lives to their fullest. Amy has powerfully and lovingly found a way to bring her clients to fully face any issues or paradigms that we hold about sexuality, and release them through a unique and experiential process. Her ability to be so loving and full of acceptance allows one to be totally vulnerable yet empowered. She draws on her deep knowledge and use of spiritual modalities to bring freedom and a new awareness of our true divine sexual nature and connect it with the power of love. I had many beliefs and religious programming surrounding sex in my life, which kept me from fully embracing my authentic self. Through working with Amy, I have a new sense of confidence and acceptance of my true nature, and thus enjoy life to its fullest. If you are like most Americans, you probably have some issues surrounding Sex yet almost no one addresses them comprehensively, until now. Do yourself and your sex life a favor and get a session with Amy. Bless you Amy!”

Rick – Evergreen, Colorado

“I had a session with Amy and she is AWESOME. She opened energy channels I did not know I had. The nice thing about her treatment is that is focused on me. She provides a calm but powerful atmosphere and has an uncanny ability to tune in on where I am and what I am about. She took those insights and gave me an energy treatment that perfectly fit my needs. Seeing Amy is one of the best things I have ever done just for myself.”

Ed – Colorado Springs, Colorado

“My girlfriend and I were looking for a deeper spiritual and intimate connection when we came across Amy and her meditation and energy healing sessions. We were interested specifically in the Couples Sexual energy healing offering. When we first arrived, we were greeted by a kind and caring soul who was very professional and knowledgeable and made us feel instantly at ease. She asked us what our intentions were and what we wanted to achieve. She helped us to focus our thoughts and reveal our true wants and desires. Her process in overcoming our inhibitions and letting go of negative and confining energy was amazing! Her ability to help channel our sexual energy and experience true physical and emotional release was incredible! We will definitely be scheduling another session soon and highly recommend her services to any couple who is interested in exploring and strengthening their own spiritual and physical bond.”

“You worship cock :-). How beautiful and balancing is that! In harmony with worshiping the fertility of women’s gifts! ‘Emancipating’ to me to conduit your male energy as well. I totally felt like a link in your loop of energy!!! Like I was living in the spark created when your poles connected within me. I guess I’m really connected or rooted in my 2nd or 3rd chakra? Most of the opening energy work you did seemed to resonate in my hips and pelvis… And then grounding me through that region later – like- (don’t laugh) nailed me to the earth! I can feel rocks and earth and trees moving up into me and through me as I work in the woods today! All entering though loins and pelvis and hips straight up into my back bone. Unga!! I feel fabulous. I feel like I’m channeling a bunch of really grounding energy today coming straight into my body. Invigorating. Tremendously so! You introduce a world of possibilities and ideas to me. I feel like I’ve been wandering in the desert for 40 years and suddenly a guide/goddess has appeared w a Disney Land day planner!”

“I can’t believe how much you cleared for me in just one session! Not only old emotional layers, but my spine pain is gone – after years of doing physical therapy, acupuncture etc., this is the first time I have been pain free that I can remember. I feel more in tune with who I am and what I am meant to do. And one of the biggest things you helped me with is going from thinking that “Now” doesn’t matter, to realizing that “Now” is ALL that matters. Fixed everything for me. Thank you.”

I had another client recently who had suffered a few head injuries and is treating with reputable western medicine psychologists. He experienced a profound transformation in his energy after just one session with me – told me he finally felt all the negativity, fear, guilt and shame that he had been carrying most of his life go and felt more in tune with his authentic self. He had a follow up visit with his medical providers a few days later and they told him they barely even recognized him as his energy looked and felt so different! And that’s from western medicine professionals who had him go through all of the traditional therapies.