Intentional Orgasm Specifics

“In ecstasy, there is often a sense of heat, filled with immense love, that permeates the body. This warmth seems to emerge from the seat, flares in the belly, and rises upward, fanning out at the heart. As this fire moves through the body, it also moves through the awareness, consuming all thoughts. This fire burns away even the thought of “I”, only the sense of this living flame remains. Be here and now, in this very moment, in a flame of awareness.”



Imagine if you could harness the energy of the most intense experience most of us can ever feel in this dimension, that of Orgasm, to fuel your intentions, your desires, your life?

Intentional Orgasm specifics: The process I have created is an extension of the traditional Orgasmic Meditation (OMing) which involves one on one hands-on meditative massage of the genitals. The goal of this practice is for both parties, the giver and the receiver, to concentrate on the genitals of the receiver as a form of focused, sacred sexual meditation.

I have taken this simple practice and infused it with my energy work (gentle hands-on Reiki and Shaman healing with crystals and essential oils), intention setting, clearing, meditation and visualization. This is a very individualized, experiential process.

The first thing we do is set intentions – what you want to let go of, clear from your life, and what you want to call in or manifest. I then ask you to write your intentions, and we do so in a spiral – spiraling the energy of the intention into your heart, into your life. I have you write the intentions on parchment paper with a charcoal pencil – ancient instruments, honoring the ancient energy of your authentic soul energy. Then I burn a candle on top of the parchment paper to bring your passion and desire to your intention. I make my own candles in high ceremony with intentions, ritual, herbs and oils that help support the intentions you desire.

Once you have set the energy of your intention, I do five different energetic, meditative, spiritual practices on you to help clear away energies that are not yours, and find your way back to your authentic self. Each one is designed to approach your individual issues in a separate way so that by the time we are done, you will have dropped deep and cleared all you that you need to release. It tends to be a very trance like, hypnotic experience.

First, I clear your aura – the energy field around your body that tends to get gunked up with toxicity and collective negative energy. I clear and balance the energy vortexes that surround you allowing us to then focus on you personally.

Next, I guide you through a simple meditation – one that helps you get grounded and centered and completely present. We send a grounding cord down into the earth, and then utilize the power of your breath and your imagination while simultaneously utilizing the magnetic, gravitational forces from the center of the earth to help pull out of you what you know you need to release. Layers and layers of negative energy drip out of you down your grounding cord into the earth where Gaia takes it in and transforms and transmutes it into pure light. It is safe to let go. It is time to let go. At the end of this guided meditation, I take you to a deeper level, a subconscious level on anything that is blocking you. I use a technique to trick the mind into letting go of more without having to process on it.

Once you are cleared, we cannot leave you empty as you will simply take on new negativity. Instead, I fill you back in with pure light, warm healing energy and the true essence of your soul. There is an element of soul retrieval in this process – you pull back into yourself all the parts of yourself that you lost or forgot or forsook along the way – all the times you compromised yourself, lost yourself, did things you later regretted, did things you knew weren’t of your highest good.

Next, I walk you through a simple breathing exercise to help open and balance all of your chakras. Your chakras are your main energy centers and each has a different vibration frequency which I will awaken within you.

Then I perform a cap removal on you. We tend to take on the programming, conditioning, and deep seated belief systems of our parents and those closest to us in our formative years. We take these energies onto our crown chakra, on top of our head. Over time layers and layers build up, weighing you down, blocking you. During this procedure, I am touching your head but it is really more of an energetic clearing modality designed to remove all of those old layers and set you free.

Last, I do a DNA activation. Science has now proven that we have an energetic component to our DNA, not just the physical aspects we take on when the sperm and egg fuse. It is very important that you are cleared of your ancestral energy component and become reunited with your unique vibration. I essentially do etheric surgery – opening you up from the middle of the back of your head to the middle of your back and activate 12 codons of your DNA in a very specific way, asking you to breath in certain ways, imaging certain things, activating all the cells and systems in your body with your authentic vibration. At the end, I do some more soul retrieval and reintegration of the 4 primary aspects of your self leaving you cleared, activated, recalibrated.

At the end of the meditation clearing part of the session, I do some Sanskrit chanting to bring you back into your body. Then, before your monkey mind can grab on and try to process on the deep work we did, I immediately take you into the nest I have created and activate all that energy into your body.

At this point, we both de-robe and enter into the sensual tantric massage portion of the session. This can be a somewhat nervous proposition to allow yourself to be seen and touched by a stranger, but it is actually part of the process. I ask you to give yourself permission to be vulnerable, to be open, to be seen for maybe the first time as your real authentic self. I ask you to give yourself permission to receive pleasure for the sake of receiving pleasure. The goal in this practice is to allow your mind to rest – to feel into every sensation in your body as deeply as possible, to activate all of your senses. There is the flicker and heat of the many candles burning. There is special music playing. I use essential oils which you smell and feel glide onto your skin. My words caress you. I want your whole body to feel touched, held, honored, nourished, cherished before we get to your actual orgasm. I heighten the experience by touching you in 4 distinct ways that evoke the energies of earth-water-air-fire within you. Everything, including our bodies, is made out of these 4 elemental energies. We are typically out of balance in one area or another. By touching you in these 4 ways, it inherently balances those energies within you. I also ask you to feel into each type of touch – what you like, don’t like, what comes up for you. We can talk about it at the end of the session and gain insight on how you can better balance yourself on a regular basis.

The first type of touch is earth – a firm, grounding, squeezing type of touch. The energies of earth are: grounded, safe, stable, secure, abundant, present. The second touch is water – a soft, flowing, often circular type of touch. The energies of water are: open heart, softened emotions, positive feelings, new space in your heart for love of yourself first and foremost, and a new capacity to love others. The third touch is air – very light, ticklish, lightly scratching or tapping type of touch. The energies of air are: light thoughts, new neuronal connections; opened consciousness; heightened awareness. The fourth type of touch is fire – very fast back and forth movement of both hands like you are creating friction. The energies of fire are: passion, desire, spiritual, soul connection, all nerve endings coming to life.

The setting for the massage portion of the session looks like this: I build a nest with a back jack chair (key support for the giver) and a pile of pillows in front of it covered with a fuzzy blanket. I sit in the back jack chair with my legs spread. The receiver lays face forward onto the pillows with their legs extending behind me, essentially laying in my lap. This can be a very vulnerable position, especially for a stranger. You are naked, splayed in front of me, supplicant. I ask you to allow yourself to be vulnerable, to really sink into it and open yourself. I then ask you to reset the intention of what you want to manifest most in your life, where you want your powerful energy riding on cleared energy channels to go. Then, to allow your mind to rest, to simply feel into the process.

There are three positions to the sensual massage, by the end of which I will have touched and honored your entire body through these touches. Each position lasts 11 minutes and there is a numerological significance to this in that it opens up the portal to other dimensional energies to come in to support you. You can see images of the 3 positions on the gallery page. From the first position, I can reach you from your shoulders down to your toes.

When it is time to transition to the second position, I spritz you all over with sanctified water infused with essential oils, asking you to notice the contrast of the heat of your skin to the coolness of the mist, which also activates more of your senses.

The second position, the receiver crawls forward, then sits up, still facing forward and lays back on me. From this position I can reach from the top of the head to the hips. No actual genital contact is made in the first two positions, just activation of the senses and teasing, again using all four touches, and really holding the individual, letting them sink into that embrace. Because we are both nude, there is always lots of skin on skin contact which furthers the feeling of being cradled, as well as releases all kinds of juicy feel-good chemicals and hormones in your brain and systems that helps support all we are doing.

The third position, the receiver rotates slightly so they are now laying on their back perpendicular to me with their genitals in my lap, legs spread. I open the energy vortex that exists there and then go right into manual genital massage, with the goal being climax. No holding back. No trying to prolong the experience as long as possible. Just simply opening and allowing yourself to receive as much pleasure as possible and allowing your energy to explode when it is ready. You are then sending your intention of what you want most in life out into the universe on the wings of your most powerful creative energy force. Once you climax, I rub your sacred seed back into your creative center, keeping a reservoir of that energy for you to use later. I then ground your genitals, and with one hand grounding you, use the other to pull some of that energy down to your feet, your root chankra, so that what you desire most will be manifested in your real world life. I then keep one hand on your sexual center and place the other hand on your heart, creating an infinity loop between the two centers to anchor the feelings of self love and appreciation you are feeling.

One of the reasons the process I have created is so powerful I believe is that it gets to the root of many problems. Sex is the most programmed, conditioned aspect of ourselves. We had our divine birthright stolen from us. We had fear, guilt and shame imposed upon us from an early age around our sexuality. So, when you are able to clear that away, activate your authentic soul energy and then empower that through your sexual energy force, anything is possible. You can be reborn.

If you desire, you have the option of a half hour add-on which will allow you to learn the technique of the full body sensual tantric massage by practicing it on me, allowing you to tap into my Goddess and free-flowing empowered sexual energy. Clients ask for this for mainly two reasons – they want to be able to give pleasure back, and to essentially feed on my positive sexual energy in order to balance the polar sexual energies within themselves. Or they may want to learn the technique so they can then utilize it with a partner or relationship. This process I have created can do wonders to connect and empower two individuals. It could be a great gift for a significant other, or just a great tool to have in your sexual toolbox. If you are not sure you want to do the add-on, just bring $77.77 cash with you and you can decide at the end of the regular session.

This process is open to both women and men, as well as couples and groups. It is especially powerful to heal and release sexual issues and dysfunction, but can be used for any issue that you want to heal/release and to empower what you want to manifest in your life. Some of the issues that my clients have healed/released: general stress and anxiety; fears/doubts/insecurities; grief; old programming and conditioning that keeps you from your highest potential; healing and releasing the pain of past relationships; erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety around sex; lack of financial abundance; body insecurities or discomfort; negative thought spirals; physical pain; emotional pain; disconnect, etc.

I also do a special couples Intentional Orgasm sexual healing session that is similar, but at the end I teach/guide you in the full body sensual tantric massage while I support you both with hands on energy healing, essential oils and sound therapy. See the Couples Healing page for more information.

Also available is a way to experience this process as a solo masturbatory journey with various sexual devices to aid the client in achieving orgasm, ie Sybian (can be used for women, or men who desire prostate stimulation). This solo journey would involve everything stated above regarding the meditation and clearing. Again, an intention is set and the client is cleared, after which, instead of the 3 position sensual, tantric massage, they utilize the Sybian to achieve orgasm while being supported with hands on energy healing, reiteration of their intentions, essential oils and sound therapy. This is geared toward those who don’t want to be touched sexually or brought to orgasm at the hands of a stranger. I would suggest this for any women who may be shy of female-female touch.

An initial one on one Intentional Orgasm session lasts approximately three hours for a solo session and requires a pre-paid deposit of $555.55 that covers the first 3 hours – any additional time used is at the rate of $155.55 per hour and must be paid for at the time of service via cash or Venmo. A couples Intentional Orgasm session lasts approximately 4-5 hours and requires a deposit of $777.77. Sometimes sessions run over if you have a great deal to talk about before or after, or need extra energy work.  You will be invoiced for any additional time you require after the session. You can also try an abbreviated session if cost is a factor for $333.33. I now offer these sessions virtually as well.

Contact Amy at: [email protected] or 303-204-7309 with any questions or to schedule your session (text or email preferred for scheduling – no calls).

Due the sensitive nature of what I do, and for security purposes, a pre-payment deposit is required to reserve your appointment time via Venmo. Or contact me and we can make arrangements for you to deposit your payment directly into my business bank account.