Philosophy Behind Intentional Orgasm


I have found that sexual energy, and the understanding and cultivating of it, is vital to our health and well being. Yet, it seems to be the last frontier, still taboo even in some metaphysical and spiritual circles. Sex is the life force by which we come into physical existence. Sexual energy is one of the primordial energies of creation and evolution. From the very moment of our conception, sexual energy plays a vital role in shaping our lives. Sexual energy crosses racial, socio-economic, gender, age, generational and even species boundaries. Everyone needs sex, and the very beneficial release that comes with it. I proscribe that a daily dose of orgasm should be required. Therefore, I bring you Blissful Meditation. Come to a sacred space where you can set a conscious intention, and then use the power of sound therapy, light therapy, and essential oils to enhance and harness the energy of your orgasm to bring it to fruition. We will collaborate using a number of different modalities to help you release anything blocking you and identify the best intention to set at this time, after which you will enter a private meditation pod equipped with different devices and implements to aid you on the path to finding a Blissful Orgasm while in a deep meditative state.

Unfortunately, we have heaps of toxic cultural baggage to get rid of so that we can access our true selves, the Goddess unbound by social order. This has lead to an epidemic of erotic dis-empowerment for most women. We are but children when it comes to our sexual energy which is why it has become so complicated, especially for females. We have been conditioned and programmed over thousands of years to forget that our birthright is sexual pleasure – not just procreation, but sexual pleasure, sexual power. Sexual energy has more to do with our lives than we are allowed to express in the conventional, repressed culture we live in. Women need to take back their ancestral right to sexy wholeness and reinstate their feminine sexual sovereignty. Women across the globe are experiencing epic demoralization and erotic despair. The beauty of using your sexual energy as a path to your true self is that, not only is it fun, it cuts through many barriers. When you are in the moment of sexual pleasure, no programming or conditioning can intrude – it is such a base instinct that the rest falls away. And if you are diligent in seeking your pleasure, you can quickly undo that very programming which kept you prisoner for so long. We need to bring more joy into our lives, it is a lost art, and sex is the fast track to joy.

Our conditioning has burdened us with all kinds of expectations and layers of repression, guilt and shame around our sexuality. Sacred sex promotes awareness of the divinity of intimate encounter, and gives us techniques and practices for cultivating an awareness of the presence of the Divine.

There are physical and emotional benefits from cultivating sexual energy rather than fighting to repress it, or pursuing it to the limit of desire. There are many hints of rejuvenation and increased longevity due to sacred sexual practices. It is theorized that we can achieve complete regeneration (perfect operation of the endocrine system) if we cleanse and purify the reproductive center.

Sexuality is closely related to spirituality in several ways. In its negative aspects of lust, sexual excess, degradation and rape, it appears as the antithesis of spirituality, and in this light it has been seen in the Christian tradition. However, in its positive aspects our sexuality can open our heart to love, and enable us to have experiences similar to meditative states and mystical bliss during or instead of an orgasm and its afterglow. In a less obvious way, sexual energies can be channeled upward to develop our energy centers or chakra system and higher energy bodies. According to esoteric and yoga teachings, this is all part of our spiritual evolution.

”Enlightenment is in the vagina” – this is one of the authenticated sayings of the Buddha, and it leaves us with the problem of how to understand or interpret this. It seems to turn our usual understanding of enlightenment on its head. The actual phrase in Sanscrit is: “Buddhatvam Yosityonisamasritam.” This may also be translated as: ”Enlightenment is in the female sexual organ(s)”. This same view is expressed in various sacred Tantric texts. Some Buddhists believe that lots of intoxicating orgasmic sex is the road to enlightenment.

Remember your sex energy is your lust for life, it’s your passion. Get passionate, get sensuous, learn to love your body. Once you do, you will open your paradise portal. Your body is an instrument that can create and experience pure unadulterated bliss. Like sunlight and rain, the sexual-emotional energies flowing within and around us provide critical nourishment to our manifesting world. Energy, as it moves through human beings, becomes matter. Energy-in-motion serves as the raw material with which we participate in the co-creation of reality. Each of us succeeds or fails in life to the degree that we give form and direction to this creative force.

We need to go to paradise, to be transfigured, reborn. The collective divine feminine, released in this way could bring us to the next level of consciousness that we all seek. A woman in the throes of her magnificent sexual power can lead a man to his best self and restore them to true masculinity. There is life beyond the white picket fence and dildos. Heed your hormones and you will find self actualization.