NONTRA TEMPLE – A Sacred Sexuality Studio in Western Michigan

If you are interested in my sex positive and sacred sexuality group workshops, you will find updated schedule information and actual ticket links to register on either my Meet Up group called: Nontra Temple or my Facebook Page called Nontra Temple, or on FetLife. This is a ‘static’ website with just general descriptions of some of my classes and events.

I offer a variety of opportunities to learn more about sacred, conscious sexuality and forward-thinking adult sex education on a regular basis. I will be hosting these events at my serene dedicated Sex Temple currently located in Western Michigan. I offer Nude Yoga classes weekly as well as other conscious/spiritual events combined with nudity and sexual expression. These include: Women’s Temple, Men’s Temple, Nude Writing and Figure Art Drawing, Movie and Cuddle Nights, Conscious Play Parties, Adult Sex Ed, Jack Church, Clothing Optional Ecstatic Dance, Better Sex Book Club, Partnered Erotic Kinky Yoga, Shamanic Drum Sacred Self Pleasure Journey, Singles Puja, Weed Lounge Potlucks and much more to come.

There is also now the option to rent one of my AirBnB rooms for the night or for an afternoon. You can create your own “retreat” by staying for the weekend and choosing from any of my offerings. You can contact Nontra owner Amy at [email protected] to inquire about rental prices and availability.

Amy also offers a number of Couple and one on one sessions at the temple space. You can read about some of them on my other website: This includes full Intentional Orgasm sessions for individuals or couples, abbreviated IO sessions, Yoni Whispering sessions, one on one or couples nude yoga class, one on one or couples erotic kinky tantric yoga class, sensual energy balancing massage, as well as Virtual Nude Yoga and Guided Meditation. My rate for nude yoga w/o touch is $111 per hour. IO, YW, sensual massage or erotic yoga is $155 per hour.

Address and directions for all of my events will be sent to all paid ticket holders the day before the event. All ages, races, sexes, sexual orientations, sizes, shapes are welcomed here – this is a safe and sacred space.

The following is a brief description of some of the various group classes, events and workshops I offer:


Find liberation in practicing yoga without clothes – you will have the opportunity to learn and practice yoga poses taught by a trained yoga instructor, to shed some self judgement and to practice self compassion and move toward enjoyment and self acceptance. This class is great for both beginners and intermediate students. This is a co-ed class. Nontra Temple is very sex-positive and inclusive – all adult ages, races, sexes, orientations, sizes are welcome here. We will be offering a Nude Yoga class every day of the week, most including a guided meditation journey.

We will start with a guided visualization meditation to help you release things that are blocking you and manifest what you most need and then do a slow flow class creating some heat and then lots of deep stretching and ending with sound healing.

Although this will be hosted in a dedicated sex temple where sexual interaction does sometimes occur, no sexual interaction or even touch between other attendees will occur at Nude Yoga.

Limited to 8 attendees. All sexes, genders, orientations, ages (adults), sizes welcome. Very LGBTQ friendly. Co-ed class. Beginners welcome.

This is held in an open loft space with soft beautiful lighting, incense burning and self massage implements, oracle cards and essential oils to add to your practice. There are no big mirrors and no-one will be in front of you or behind you so not as intimidating as it may seem. Doing yoga in the nude can be very empowering and helps you drop more into your body and deeper into the yoga experience.


This is for partnered participants only, no solo participants – you must bring someone with you that you want to share sensual, sexual, kinky acts with. Or if you do not have a partner, Amy offers one on one classes.

This is a class is designed for couples/partnered individuals so please come with a partner you would like to do yoga with as well as touch and in doing so, create and heighten sexual energy. We will be using basic yoga poses (no yoga experience necessary) to explore, discover and awaken your whole body and sexual energy. The class will involve breath, movement, music, touch from your partner and self touch if desired to help each participant dip deeper into their erotic potential. As an example, one partner will go into “happy baby” pose while the other partner helps them stretch deeper, then provides sensual massage, touch and even manual or oral genital pleasure or intercourse. Then you switch positions, so the other partner can be stretched and pleasured. Another possibility is “child’s pose”with light flogging on the lower back and shoulders, as well as massage of the buttocks and genitals. If you don’t want to provide each other with direct genital stimulation or oral, you can do sensual massage and use any of my many sensory implements to enhance the experience, including floggers, wharton spike wheel, feathers, etc. You can safely delve into an erotic practice to find places on your body that feel erotic and touch that increases sexual arousal. It is designed to be a multi-sensory experience. Your experience will be enhanced with a special musical journey and live sound healing as well as incense, sage and essential oils. My space is very LGBTQIA+ friendly so this is open to same sex couples, opposite sex couples and transgender. Hosted for a minimum of 2 couples, max 5. My studio is located in a beautiful open loft setting lit with skylights, starlights and candles, light incense burning, and downtempo sexy beats playing in a beautiful private mountain setting.


This is by far my most popular group workshop! It’s a simple yet powerful way to combine all the elements of my Intentional Orgasm work in a comfortable, safe group setting. We are creating some incredible energy vortexes with group energy amplification. This group sensual energy balancing workshop is open to singles or couples. This is an opportunity for you to experience the power of combining a spiritual and sexual energy practice. When you arrive, you will be asked to set your intentions – something you want to release from your life, and something you want to manifest/call in to your life. I will then do a brief explanation/history/philosophy discussion behind the practice I have created called ‘Intentional Orgasm’, which is the primary focus of my work and my passion. I will also demonstrate for you the unique elemental energy balancing touch that I do on my clients. I will then guide everyone through a brief guided energetic release meditation and chakra opening exercise to help clear you of any negative energy and anything that is blocking you in your life.

Then I will have multiple massage tables set up in a large room all lit by candles and with incense and ecstatic music playing. We will start in groups of 4-5 people and will give and receive multi-hand coconut oil infused with essential oils elemental energy full body massages. This will include genital/sexual touch if you want and consent to that. The idea is that we are all naturally sexual beings, so why would we leave that out of any healing energetic touch? I will teach you how to give elemental energy touch – balancing the energies within you and enhancing your senses with 4 distinct touches that evoke the elemental energies of earth, water, air and fire.

Everyone in attendance will decide what their comfort level and boundaries are in terms of interaction with the other participants. However, it is my hope that all attendees can let go of their fears and conditioning around sexual energy enough so that we can all give and receive to each other to the level you are comfortable with. You will need to be physically able to stand and provide massage/touch to others for up to two hours with breaks. We will discuss boundaries and special requests for each individual.

There will be no intercourse or oral sex or exchange of bodily fluids to keep this safe – all touch is manual and hands are washed in between. You will be required to get naked for the massage portion. This is not a play party. This is not a place to necessarily even meet people to date – it’s about learning more about the natural spiritual nature of your own sexuality, and learning how to share that openly, freely with others.

This can be an incredibly powerful, and enjoyable, way to release layers of fear/guilt/shame and programming that you have been carrying your entire life around your body and sexuality. Many who have attended have had transformative experiences. If you are single, and nervous, but curious, please feel free to message me and I will gladly share with you some of the experiences others have had at these so you can decide if it is right for you. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous! But I assure you, as soon as we start, I set a very safe and inviting container for you to explore within, and the nerves naturally subside.


This is a workshop for couple’s who want to learn the practice of Intentional Orgasm in a group energy setting without needing to have physical interaction with anyone but their own partner. You must have a partner to attend.

What is Intentional Orgasm? Imagine if you could harness the energy of the most intense experience most of us can ever feel in this dimension, that of Orgasm, to fuel your intentions, your desires, your life? I am offering this powerful process in a group setting. This is an opportunity for you to experience the power of combining a spiritual and sexual energy practice with the natural application factor of group energy dynamics.

The group session will start with a discussion and setting of an intention – something you want to release/let go of and something you want to manifest/bring into your life. I will teach you a special way to write your intentions and we will pull some oracle cards to provide you with additional messages and information about your intentions. I will do a brief explanation/history/philosophy discussion behind the practice I have created that I do in one on one sessions called ‘Intentional Orgasm’, which is the primary focus of my work and my passion. I will also demonstrate for you the unique 3 position sensual tantric massage utilizing elemental energy balancing touch that I do on my clients, and which you will be doing for your partner.

I then guide the group through a simple yet powerful guided release meditation, breathing and clearing exercises designed to get rid of the negative energy and programming you have been carrying around and to open all of your energy centers. I also teach you some basic tantra techniques to help merge and link your energy fields with your partner. We then move into activating that energy in your body. I teach you how to give your partner a 3 position sensual, hands-on healing tantric massage using essential oils while you meditate on your intentions. We raise your sexual energy field to use it to fuel your intentions, your desires, while incorporating essential oils, tantric touch, elemental energies, and culminating in sending your orgasm out into the universe on clear energy channels in order to manifest anything you desire. In the final position, you are encouraged to manually bring your partner to orgasm. The entire space will be lit by candle light and special music will be playing and you will create your own soft cozy “nest” for each couple so you have your own space, while getting to enjoy and take advantage of the amplification of the group sexual energy. You will only be sharing touch with your partner, not with the group. I will play a special quartz crystal bowl to enhance and amplify the energies.

This special group Intentional Orgasm is intended for couples or paired individuals only – you cannot come solo. There is no actual intercourse involved and you will not be involved sexually or with touching any of the other couples. You can come with a friend as long as you are willing to practice on each other. If desired, I will come around and support each of you with hands on energy work geared toward your specific intention. The goal of this practice is to harness the energetic power of your sexuality/sensuality/orgasm to fuel the intention you want to set.


I’m so excited about this simple yet powerful workshop I have created! Combining the benefits of an Intentional Orgasm with the power of a Shamanic drum journey. This will be limited to an intimate group of 10 participants. This is a solo journey so you don’t need to bring a partner. Males and females are welcome, open to all adults over the age of 18. This will be held in my large private sacred solarium sanctuary where I practice sacred sexual healing work.

We will start with a discussion and description of what a Shamanic drum journey entails. I will teach you some simple breathing exercises to deepen your experience and some energy balancing techniques. You will set an intention of something you want to release from your life and something you want to manifest.

You will then set up your “nest” for your journey. You will want to bring some pillows and blankets, and possibly some crystals or personal objects you want to ‘charge’ with the energy we will co-create. You are welcome to bring non-vibratory sexual enhancement toys or tools. Everyone will be in their own separate nest and will be blind folded once we start the journey, so you will not witness or be witnessed in your self pleasuring.

Once everyone is blind folded and settled into their own nest, I will guide you through a brief somatic meditation experience to help you drop into your body and the present moment. Then I will begin drumming and guiding you into a traditional Shamanic journey, but instead of leaving it completely open-ended, you will each go into the earth where a bed awaits you in nature. You will call forth your guides, guardians, messengers, and other beings. I will then guide you through a Shamanic energetic balancing of your entire body with the beings you have called forth assisting you as you need and desire. Once we have moved through earth-water-air-fire balancing, you will continue the self pleasure masturbation journey at your own pace, allowing yourself to fully feel into your pleasure principal, your source energy – feeling, hearing, smelling, tasting the delicious energies of those around you amplifying your orgasmic potential. Ideally you will experience an actual physical orgasmic release and hopefully some powerful energetic orgasms as well. Once you have completed your release, you will stay quietly resting in your nest until everyone has finished. I will then play my crystal bowls and do a grounding exercise to integrate the energy. We will have a brief sharing and closing circle. You can be naked or clothed depending on your personal comfort level. No sexual interaction with the other participants will occur. Suggestions to bring: a water bottle; any non vibratory sex toys you want to use on yourself; your own lube if you need it; any crystals or sacred objects you want to charge with the energy we create; a robe if you don’t want to be completely naked but have your genitals accessible and/or if you tend to get cold; a towel for clean up; if you prefer, you can bring your own “nesting materials”, ie pillows and blankets, but I will have lots available too.

No experience with meditation or Shamanic journeying is required. Just an open mind, a brave heart and a conscious soul. This can be a powerful way to awaken You to more of You, and to harness the innate power of your own sexuality to manifest what you desire. 


Ecstatic Dance is considered ‘movement meditation’ that has become very popular and widespread.

What is Ecstatic Dance? Join us and enjoy a safe space to dance without talking, drinking and the nightclub or wedding dance vibe. This is about getting great exercise, freeing your mind and body, and connecting with yourself and others in vibrant health.

Ecstatic Dance empowers people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to freely express themselves; the liberating atmosphere creates a melting pot of acceptance and the fearlessness with which others move gives newbies permission and courage to dance without inhibition.

Ecstatic dance is a form of dance in which the dancers, sometimes without the need to follow specific steps, abandon themselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes them, leading to trance and a feeling of ecstasy. You are primarily dancing in your own “bubble” not with others.

And if you have ever gone to an ecstatic dance and wanted to remove some of your clothes and touch yourself sexually, then this is for you! An ecstatic dance held in a sacred sex temple that allows you to be topless, nude, touch yourself and even express all of your sexual energy on your own or with a partner – offering a level for everyone to push their edge. This is Not a sex party! I host those too. This is not that. This is a space for you to primarily express your own sexual energy, not share it physically with others. But please note, especially single males – this is not a pick up space At All and that will not be allowed. Consent is key and will be enforced to create a space for all to express themselves freely. The dance will allow full nudity and sexual touching and expression with yourself or anyone else with informed verbal consent.

There is 1,000 square feet of space to dance, cuddle, play drums, crystal singing bowls, pull oracle cards. There will not be a live DJ – it will be pre-recorded tracks played on a stereo sound system with multiple speakers with ambient lighting, star machines, skylights, candles, incense.


Calling all sex-positive singles (or poly minded couples looking to date singles)! This event is for you! Whether you identify as a swinger, poly, kinky, open, non-monogamous, non-binary, trans, straight, shy, spectrum, not sure or anywhere in between. All ages (adults over 18), sexes, genders, orientations, sizes, shapes, races welcome here. If you are a couple wanting to date or play with other singles separately (not as a couple) then you are welcome to attend. This event will be held once a month on the Friday before a play party.

This is an event designed to help you meet other singles in the realm of open sexuality and open relationships for friendship, community, support, mentor-ship, discussion, play partners, scene partners, party pals, dating, relating, loving and more. This will not be an actual play party. This will be a clothes on social event.

My goal is to have a mix of open social gathering as well as more facilitated interactions with the group for those that are a bit more shy. I will Not be balancing for gender or anything else – we will work with whomever and whatever energy arrives/arises for the evening. If you are a very hetero normative straight male, this is probably not the best event for you as it may end up being all men. You will not be sharing intimate or sexual touch with others.

Format for the evening will be as follows:

7-8pm Arrive and Open Social Time – no facilitation

8-9pm Lightly guided Puja style concentric circle of conscious sharing things with other participants with the goal of getting to know a little bit about as many people as possible. IE there will be 2 concentric circles of people facing each other and I will guide you on sharing a thought or action (ie eye gazing, or heart hug, or answer a question, such as, what is your favorite thing in the world to do? etc.) You share for just a few minutes, then one circle rotates so you are now sharing a new action or thought with a new person.

9-10pm More open social time to interact more deeply with those you connected with during the circle sharing


Once a month I host Women’s Temple – for female bodies individuals only. Featuring: Yoni Steaming, guided meditation, music, massage, oracle cards, essential oils, dancing, cuddle spaces, art station, tantra books, tea, communion, sound therapy, acu-pressure mats, inversion table, and some of my sexy stuff to boot – hitachi wand, sybian, violet wand, and other sex toys! I will also have materials for you to make vision boards if you desire – feel free to bring your own magazines and things for inspiration. This is for female oriented individuals only. Trans women welcome too. This is a sex and nudity positive space. Very LGBTQ+ friendly. All ages (adults), races, sizes, orientations welcome. This will be held from 7-10pm on a select Thursday evening but you do not need to stay for the entire thing.

This will be partially guided/facilitated, and partially open house format – a space to relax and unwind with other sacred sisters! We will start with an opening circle to set agreements around confidentiality and boundaries. Then I will have special yoni steaming buckets set up and we will do a yoni steam ritual in a group while I guide you through a simple meditation. Yoni steaming is an ancient practice used to clear negative energies and heal and open the yoni and womb. I will also do some sound healing with quartz and Tibetan singing bowls. The arriving, agreements and yoni steaming with take place for the first hour to hour and a half. You have to arrive by the opening circle at 715pm – after that you can stay for the entire thing, or leave at any point.

After that, you will some free time, about an hour and a half, to utilize anything in my space on your own or as a group – more sound healing, more steaming, ride my sybian or fuck machine, masturbate with some of my other sex toys, share touch with other women, pull oracle cards, play drums, dance, do yoga, cuddle, have a tea party, body paint, regular paint on canvass, journal, write some erotics, read some erotics, color, use my massage implements, socialize, smoke pot – whatever you desire. All shared touch will require verbal informed consent. We will discuss as a group at the beginning what we want to collectively do or individually. Feel free to come with a friend or two!

This is held in a large open loft temple space beautifully decorated with colorful tapestries, ambient lighting and candles, incense and sage burning, downtempo chill music and the space features a living room, a smoke lounge, 2 massage rooms, large comfy cuddle space, things to make music like drums, rattles, rain sticks, oracles cards and essential oils, 3 bathrooms, and a full kitchen in the space.

Feel free to bring anything you need to make your experience most comfortable – layers, robe, towel, snacks, drinks, marijuana, journal, toys, etc. Dress however you like. Pre-purchased tickets will be required for all events at Nontra in order to receive the address the day before the event. Cost for Women’s Temple is $33.33 per person.


Occasionally I will host more informal, conscious play parties at my temple and retreat space. One is called Pot Passion Play and features marijuana everywhere and is held on a Saturday evening. The other is called LGBTQIA+ Only Play Party – this is for all of those that are not straight but alternative, and is held on a Friday evening.

This will not be a facilitated workshop, but an open space to come enjoy the beautiful mountains and celebrate sex and pot in a unique way! Nudity and free sexual expression (with consent) is allowed and encouraged. Marijuana will also be allowed and flowing freely. All ages, genders, sexual orientations, races, sizes, shapes are welcome here. This is a safe sacred space. There are not enough places where you can pursue both passions for sex and pot simultaneously and openly, so cum give it a try…

My temple features the following amenities for you to enjoy during your stay: cozy alcoves and cuddle spaces, private and public; massage tables; sex toys; oracle cards; musical instruments; sybian; sex swing; sex toys; sensory implements; yoni steam seats; inversion table; as well a great stereo system for musical enjoyment with down-tempo beats and arts lighting. We have lots of crystals, oracle cards, essential oils and other sacred items and books for you to dabble with as well. We will have special stations set up around the space for sensation exploration: an art station (erotic art including body paint!); massage tables set up for body and energy work and tantric massage; a giant cuddle space; an area where you can explore sound healing, with or without sexual healing. We will also be making available various sex toys and devices such as a Sybian; hitachi wand; electric/violet wand; pussy pump; cock pump, etc. Feel free to bring your own as well!

This will be an open house, come when you want event – providing you a wonderful space and the necessary items for you to create your own amazing experience! A smaller, more intimate gathering. Nudity and sex will be allowed and encouraged anywhere except the upstairs bedrooms. Marijuana will be flowing freely and is welcome anywhere. You are responsible for bringing ALL the things you need to make your experience most enjoyable. CONSENT is mandatory – any breach and you will be asked to leave immediately. If you don’t know precisely what Consent is, look it up! You do not have to smoke marijuana to attend but be aware you may get a contact high just attending! You also do not have to get naked or engage in any sexual activity. You are completely responsible for creating your own experience, so ideally, bring someone with you that you want to play with! Self pleasure is certainly allowed and encouraged.

We are Burners so it definitely has that vibe – not like your typical swinger party – smaller, more intimate, more deep conversation and creativity.

Note: We will NOT be supplying the marijuana – you must bring your own. We will supply smoking essentials such as various bowls, water pipes, bubblers, papers, and an old school vaporizer.

Single men that I don’t already know are not allowed to attend my monthly play parties. You have to be a member of my community and attending my other conscious events first, as well as submit an essay on Informed Consent. If you are only interested in my play parties and not the other conscious events I host, I would prefer you not be a member of my community.


A Sunday morning ‘church service’ that includes self pleasuring and manual pleasuring of others with verbal consent while quartz crystal singing bowls are played as well as drums and rattles – all held in a sacred sex temple in the mountains of Evergreen. Nontra Temple features a 1,000 sf loft studio temple space with great lighting, sound system, huge cuddle play space, sex toys and implements, BDSM toys, massage tables and implements, oracle cards, essential oils, as well as a full kitchen and bath with a shower. This will be held every other Sunday.

This will not be a facilitated workshop, but an open space to come enjoy and celebrate self pleasure and sensory delights in a unique way! Nudity and free sexual expression (with consent) is allowed and encouraged. All ages (adults), genders, sexual orientations, races, sizes, shapes are welcome here. Very LGBTQ friendly and supportive. This is a safe sacred space. No kissing will be allowed. No oral sex will be allowed. No intercourse will be allowed. Only manual touching of yourself, and others with whom you have had a discussion and received verbal consent for manual touch only. This will be first and foremost a masturbatory event – do not come expecting to touch or receive touch from others. This is co-ed. I will host for a minimum of 3 people, max 11.

We will all agree to confidentiality and maintaining the boundaries and space of other attendees. Then we will disrobe to your personal comfort level and you can begin pleasuring yourself. I will play some recordings of crystal singing bowls and drums as well as play some live. We will also do some group chanting and rolling OMs while self pleasuring. The idea is to create and harness and explore the dynamics of group sexual energy fields in a conscious and spiritual way. We will do this for an hour from 11:30-12:30pm. Then we will end the journey and leave by 1pm.


This will be an intensive weekend immersion training where you will learn the basics of my Intentional Orgasm practice. You can then duplicate exactly what I do, or create your own conscious sexual healing practice. This training is geared for individuals who already have some type of healing practice and want to supercharge it and add new tools to their toolbox, or for individuals who are curious how they can do this type of powerful work for a living full time or simply as an additional part time income. I will teach you the fundamental parts of my practice: setting and holding sacred space; intention setting; methods of moving and releasing old energy through breath-work, guided somatic meditation, cap removal and DNA activation principals; clearing the aura; opening/balancing the chakra’s; soul retrieval; Shamanic elemental energy balancing; special massage techniques and positions; the use of herbs and essential oils as well as sound therapy to incorporate into a session; and finally specific methods to clear and balance energy in the sexual organs and methods of orgasmic release. Note: I will not actually be teaching the DNA practice – just the philosophy of it. If you want to learn how to do a DNA activation, that will be offered as a follow weekend immersion training, or taught through my apprentice program.

Loose container/schedule for the weekend:

Friday evening intro/demo:

  • Friday: 7pm-10pm Introduction to the weekend; get to know your fellow students; demo of an abbreviated Intentional Orgasm session.
  • Saturday: 10am-4pm Receive the bulk of the teachings, background and philosophy of Intentional Orgasm.
    Saturday Evening: 6pm-10pm We will do an abbreviated group Orgasmic Sensation Experience workshop and I will teach you the basics.
  • Sunday: 10am-4pm Integration of the teachings and practice on each other in the afternoon.
  • Sunday Evening:4pm-6pm Practical/Business/Legal discussion while we have a potluck meal, followed by closing circle.

Also included is an optional follow up session with me where you practice what you have learned or created on me and I will provide you with critical feedback. You need to have had some experience/training in a consciousness practice in order to get the full benefit of this training. Contact me privately if you have questions or concerns if this is right for you.

This training will be held at my dedicated sex temple twice a year. There is the option to stay the entire weekend at my space and really immerse yourself in the experience. You will be on your own for transportation, lodging and meals, although we will do some potluck type sharing.

The cost of this weekend training, and the follow up audit of your practice is $555.55 per person. To reserve your spot, email me at [email protected].

Here is a testimonial from a prior student/current apprentice:

“I felt a deep resonance with Amy and her approach that combined spirituality, sexuality, and energy healing. Amy provides a variety of “building blocks” that have worked for her and shares the blueprints of the protocols she’s built. BUT…..she expects and encourages you to play and experiment with her building blocks to create your own temple to the Divine that suits your personal path. Amy is willing, eager, and curious to explore alternative perspectives and methodologies to energy practice, spirituality, and sexuality. Thank you! It was well worth the time, money, and effort to get up the mountain and learn from you! I will definitely be utilizing what I learned and incorporating it into my own healing practice!”


More coming soon! Possible future group workshops:

  • Death Tantra – using sexual energy to help prepare you for death.
  • Erotic Story Telling and Sexy Ecstatic Dance – erotic story telling/reading followed by sexy/naked ecstatic dance.
  • Eco-Sex ritual – masturbating in nature.
  • Rumi Orgasmic Ritual – a group workshop using the poetry of Rumi combined with a sensual somatic embodiment experience.


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